Dr. Mamoudu Birba

Senior Research Associate, Burkina Faso

Dr. Mamoudu Birba , specializes in legal anthropology. a researcher-teacher at Burkina Faso’s Thomas SANKARA University His research focuses on legal pluralism, which is based on both objective law and endogenous African rights, in the pursuit of legal regulation of various sectors such as institutions, local governments, governance, but also the environment and land. He defines himself to thinking about regimes, norms, and techniques of legal regulation capable of articulating the interests considered, based on the history and functioning of institutions, the experience of social groups, and a methodological approach combined with theoretical reflection in legal anthropology.
his involvement in the associative world on topics such as human rights, activism, citizenship, and sustainable development, as well as a pragmatic stance in terms of the opinions he formulates and the actions he takes He is also working on community processes for conflict mediation, prevention, and resolution in order to improve social cohesion.