Illily Ag Elmehdi

Research Associate

A native of Timbuktu, Mr. Illili Ag Elmehdi is a dynamic communications and social media professional whose unique experiences have positioned him to lead development initiatives that leverage Northern Mali’s music and culture as vehicles for disseminating compelling counter-narratives to violent extremism.

As both the Media and Communications Specialist for Mali’s worldrenowned Festival of the Desert and USAID’s Participatory Peace Processes (3P) project in Timbuktu, Mr. Ag Elmehdi has unparalleled experience working as a catalyzing force in Mali’s music scene, and has shown the expertise needed to engage Northern Malian communities in efforts that contribute to social cohesion and peace.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Networking from the Higher School of Technology and Management in Bamako, Mali, and an advanced degree in Industrial Computing and Maintenance from Bamako’s CERCO Institute. He speaks fluent French, English, Tamacheq, and basic Arabic, Sonrai, and Bambara.