Research Project: The Impact of Cattle Rustling on Stabilization in the Gao, Menaka, and Timbuktu Regions.

by | Apr 27, 2024

Research Project: The Impact of Cattle Rustling on Stabilization in the Gao, Menaka, and Timbuktu Regions.

Conducted by the Timbuktu Center for Strategic Studies on the Sahel, this research project seeks to document and analyze the implications of cattle rustling on the stability of the Gao, Menaka, and Timbuktu regions in northern Mali. Given that livestock farming is a primary economic activity for pastoralists and agropastoralists, the mounting challenges posed by pasture degradation and the security crisis since 2012 necessitate immediate attention.

The study is designed to achieve specific objectives, including understanding the factors and actors contributing to cattle rustling, analyzing stolen livestock’s supply chain, evaluating profits’ flow to armed groups, and assessing the differentiated impact on communities. By contextualizing these regions, which harbor a significant portion of Mali’s livestock, the project delves into the evolution of cattle rustling, its connections to organized crime, and the political economy therein.

As part of a comprehensive approach, this project furnishes decision-makers, local communities, and organizations in the region with critical insights to formulate policies and interventions aimed at mitigating the repercussions of livestock theft and promoting stability.

Results Achieved:

The study on the Impact of Cattle Rustling yielded significant insights, facilitating a nuanced understanding of this multifaceted issue. The evaluation centered on key aspects:

  1. Understanding Factors and Actors: Identifying underlying factors and involved actors lays the foundation for targeted interventions to address the root causes.
  2. Supply Chain Analysis: Examination of the supply chain provided essential information for developing prevention and intervention strategies.
  3. Community Impact: A comprehensive assessment elucidated the extent of damage suffered by various segments of affected communities, informing efforts to effectively address their needs.

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